Olympic Games Paris 2024 - Closing Ceremony

The Olympic closing ceremony will be unforgettable, filled with boldness, unity, and emotion. Athletes from around the world will gather in the Stade de France to represent their countries one last time, sharing in a moment of celebration. As they watch the flame, emotions will run high, marking the end of the Paris 2024 Olympics.

Take a look through the hospitality options to enjoy this remarkable event.

Stade de France Sunday 11 August 2024


Experience luxury like never before with our hospitality package. Enjoy access to shared lounges before, during, and after the event, creating an elite atmosphere for your enjoyment.

Your ticket to the event is guaranteed, with the option to choose from different categories for the perfect view.

Upon arrival, indulge in champagne and an international gourmet menu, accompanied by premium drinks.

Live entertainment and dedicated staff ensure a memorable experience. Plus, take home a commemorative gift as a special reminder of the occasion.

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Immerse yourself in luxury with our exclusive hospitality package, offering shared lounges before and during the event. Your ticket to the session of your choice is guaranteed, with options in ticket categories ranging from First to C, ensuring the perfect view for your enjoyment.

Experience an elegant atmosphere as you indulge in buffet dining. Be welcomed with Champagne upon arrival, setting the tone for a memorable evening. Enjoy bar service featuring a selection of wine, beer, and soft drinks, curated to enhance your experience.

Delight in live in-lounge entertainment while our dedicated on-site staff attend to your every need, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience throughout. As a token of our appreciation, receive a special gift to commemorate this extraordinary occasion.

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Join us for a laid-back yet delightful experience with our hospitality package.

Relax in our shared lounges before the event, where you’ll enjoy a casual atmosphere. Your ticket to the event is guaranteed, with options in categories B or C for your convenience.

Indulge in a casual street food concept, paired with selected wine, beer, and soft drinks to tantalize your taste buds.

Engage in in-lounge activities while our dedicated on-site staff cater to your needs, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable time from start to finish.

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