About Engage

We are one of the UK’s leading hospitality agencies in sport and entertainment. We deliver corporate hospitality events in not only the UK, but globally with many official contracts at leading sporting venues.

We work together passionately to provide you with the highest quality of service and pride ourselves on delivering excellence throughout our organisation. We offer a vast portfolio of hospitality experiences across the full range of events, supported by complementary event management services.

We work with notable talent from the sports and entertainment industries who are in attendance at our events to enhance your experience as they share with you what goes on behind the scenes.

We look forward to welcoming you to Engage!


At Engage, we are driven to achieve ever higher levels of quality.

We strive for excellence across every aspect of our event delivery. On your behalf, we aspire to deliver events of a world-class standard.

Whether it be the food or drink, ticket or talent, venue or customer service, we aim to continue to produce high standards our customers have come to expect.


Engage Hospitality


At Engage, we delight our customers by giving them more engaging experiences.

Our events are specifically designed to allow our clients and their customers plenty of time to engage with each other in an atmosphere that fosters deeper relationships.

We understand the importance of making memorable moments and our events create the environment that makes this a reality.


Engage Hospitality


At Engage, we make it our business to be fun, friendly and fascinating.

Whatever your entertainment, our fantastic hospitality and friendly service is delivered with a sense of fun.

Join us and be fascinated!

Engage Hospitality

Experience Better

We know how hard it is to find the perfect occasion you’re looking for.

One that isn’t just about the sporting event, but about incredible experiences and unforgettable moments.

One that exceeds your expectations and those of your clients. And one that enables you to relax because you have complete confidence in our superior standards.


Engage Hospitality

It’s an exclusive, unique experience. Engage welcomes you with the care, attention and expert advice that befits a VIP experience. ICON indulges you with every considered detail refined.

Whether it’s the opportunity to shake hands with your hero, relive sporting greatness, or stand in the place history is made, ICON is certain to create memories.

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