2024 London Bierfest

Bierfest, a Bavarian-style beer extravaganza nestled in the heart of London, is one of the capital’s leading corporate hospitality events. The historic Old Billingsgate Market transforms into a buzzing hub, resonating with live music, bottomless steins, lively dancing, authentic German cuisine, and a plethora of entertainment that defines the quintessential London Bierfest experience.

Positioned as the epitome of corporate gatherings in The City of London, London’s Bierfest magnetically attracts thousands of fervent attendees, creating an electric atmosphere steeped in top-notch hospitality. Held in October each year, this event serves as London’s vibrant answer to Munich’s iconic Oktoberfest, infusing the city with the spirit of the renowned German celebration.

The chosen venue, Old Billingsgate Market, stands as a London landmark, strategically situated just minutes away from the London Bridge underground station along the picturesque River Thames. As a Victorian Grade II listed building, it boasts a rich heritage, having undergone a transformative journey from Billingsgate Fish Market to becoming one of London’s most coveted event spaces. This iconic setting provides the perfect backdrop for London’s rendition of Munich’s Oktoberfest, blending tradition with contemporary celebration in an unparalleled location.

Over 1,600 will attend Old Billingsgate Market to mark this celebration. Register your interest now to secure your place.

Old Billingsgate Market Thursday 17 October 2024

Premium Package

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A Bavarian-style beer festival in the heart of London; Bierfest is buzzing with live music, unlimited beer steins, dancing, authentic German catering and a host of entertainment.

The London Bierfest is a must-attend hospitality event at Old Billingsgate Market in the City of London.

Over 1,600 revellers enjoy the quality hospitality and exhilarating atmosphere of this unique experience.

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